Is there anywhere quite like London?

Short and sweet article for you all. I’ve just moved back to London and I’m feeling all sentimental about the capital.

It’s always exciting to come to London, but returning to Britain’s epicentre for your final year as a student is a whole new level. The main reason I’ve been counting down the days to coming back is the opportunity to once again start seeing an enormous amount of gigs. I’ve already got a heap booked up, so expect a lot of live reviews in the coming months.

London has a unique problem, however. In no other city have I ever had the issue of deciding which show I want to go to on a given night. This term I’m going to have to be choosing between gigs, an issue not even Vancouver produced for me. It’s not even like there was a shortage of gigs. It just takes some doing to have so many bands in town that there’s 2 or more cracking prospects on any given night.

Take this Thursday the 22nd of September for example, I could be seeing Rat Boy play at the 02 Forum in Kentish Town, Dahlia Sleeps at the Haunt, Catholic Action and The Old Blue Last or Dilly Dally at the Scala. All would be exceptional ways to spend an evening. How does one decide where to go?

It’s going to be a tough year.

Sachin Turakhia


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