Bands to look out for in 2017

2017 is up and running, the Christmas decorations are down, normality has resumed. The bleak midwinter is most certainly upon us. In this most difficult time of year, we all thrive on the excitement of times to come; summer, festivals, sunlight past 4pm …

The thing that gets me through this period is thinking about all the exciting new music that the year has to offer. What I’ve got for you here is 5 of my favourite new acts that could really kickstart their careers in 2017. Hopefully they’ll brighten up your January too.

1) Goat Girl

Very rarely do a band sound so startlingly unique as Goat Girl. Rough Trade’s latest signing mixes country guitar lines (complete with the old-school twang of americana), with biting lyricism, that the most harden English sceptic would be proud of. Take recent single “Scum” for example, after a riff fresh from the deep south (despite the band hailing from London), front woman Lottie croons: “I honestly do think, that someone spiked their drinks / How  can an entire nation be so fucking thick?” They’re taking on the current state of society and that’s even before the chorus growls, “We’re coming for you please do fear, you scum aren’t welcome here.” They clear take no prisoners.

These four girls have the undefinable intrigue about them and they’re using it to ruffle as many feathers as possible. 2017 best take heed of Goat Girl.

Listen to “Scum” here.


2) Sorcha Richardson

Irish born singer-songwriter, Sorcha Richardson, is currently honing her craft in New York.  Her website is brilliant, here she describes her art much better than I could: “I write songs in my bedroom about the days and nights I spend with my friends, the places we go, the people we meet, the things we say and the things we don’t.”

All of her songs are beautiful, but I recommend you start with “Lost” which you can listen to here.


3) Eat Fast

Scuzzy, out of control and chaotic. Newcastle’s Eat Fast specialise in old school guitar music that teeters on breaking point. They create the perfect soundtrack to a generation that doesn’t really know how to exist. On “Public Display of Affection” the first verse chants: “If you really love me won’t you fuck me like you hate me / Let’s get married in a corner shop,” summing up the directionless rebellion they stand for.

Debut Ep Fenham Dread(lock), in and amongst the chaos, is a bible for growing up as a a millennial – there are no rules. Revel in the noise with Eat Fast.

Listen to “Public Display of Affection” here


4) Dream Wife

Dream Wife are 3 girls from Brighton, London and Reykjavik. Their differing backgrounds are united over a common battle plan: rip-roaring punk music to make people take notice of feminism. My co-host on Rock and Roll Night Club (which you can listen to every other Thursday at 3pm on Rare FM) described them as a ‘grungy Spice Girls’ and that’s not just because they reference “Wannabe” on single “FUU.” It’s because they stand for exactly the same thing. They’re breaking glass ceilings, one smashing punk track at a time.

Catch them headlining DIY’s Hello 2017, at Shoreditch’s Old Blue Last, on January 17th – a show not to be missed.

Listen to “FUU” here


5) King Nun

King Nun, similar to Eat Fast, give the impression they are on the brink of implosion. Rattling through songs at the rate of knots, they are reminiscent of QOTSA’s most raucous moments but with distinct air of uncertainty – even when you’re listening to a recording, you feel like they whole song could collapse at any second.

The chaos is exciting, its liberating and its so much fun! King Nun are the best way to tackle 2017: just run and hope your legs carry you.

Listen to “Tulip” here


2017 has the potential to go either way, after the nonsense of 2016, to deal with this I like to use the words of one of my 2016 tips, Declan McKenna, “If you can’t walk then run.”

Hope the year is a good one for you all.

Sachin Turakhia


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